Does It Fit My Butt


“Does It Fit My Butt” (DIFMB) is an app for women to help other women find clothes that fit – and get paid for it.

You can browse outfit photos posted by real women wearing clothes they found that fit their body. They are not paid models, and we are not associated with any retailer or brand. You can post outfits just like anyone else.

By entering your measurements, you can see how other women’s body measurements compare to yours. This is a visual representation of the differences, which we call a “Body Profile Comparison.” This visual comparison helps you get an idea how the garments in the outfit would fit you. We never share your actual measurements.

It’s a Free App. There’s No Subscription. You only pay if you see something you like and want to know where to find it. If other women want to buy details about the garments in your outfit, they can purchase them for a $0.99. We then split that with you 50/50. Our half allows us to keep the app up and running.

If you love to shop, it’s a way to earn money. If you don’t like to shop, it’s the closest thing to trying on the clothes yourself. If you already know where to find clothes that fit you, you can share that knowledge with other women, and earn money at the same time.

We have a powerful search system that not only allows you to search the outfits that women have already posted, but can also notify you when new outfits are added that match your search. You can create multiple searches, customized to find exactly the garment you are looking for.

We’re a new app, with a small community, but with your help we can grow. The more women participating, the more useful the app becomes. Even if you don’t see an outfit you like now, setup a search to notify you when a particular garment is added that you would be interested in.

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