Does It Fit My Butt

An open letter to women who ALWAYS look good in their clothes

Dear Jane Doe,

You are the woman I admire; the woman I would trade places with in a heartbeat. You are the woman who knows how to shop for your body and you ALWAYS look good in your clothes. No matter what phase of your life you are in- the college party years, the pregnant mommy years, the business executive years- you always know what silhouettes flatter your body and you ROCK THEM WELL. You are the woman who can go into a store, grab a random skirt, a flowy top and a scarf and make it look like a million bucks! You know what items to pull, and what lines to stay away from.  You know with just a glance if that A-line wrap dress will complement your hips, or if that V-neck sweater will flatter your décolletage. You have a super power that I just don’t have.  I struggle to find a simple pair of jeans, and shake in terror at the thought of having to find a suit!

I hereby plead with you, dear fashionista.  Please shop for me and my kind.  The next time you are in the mall assembling your most flattering looks, take a selfie and upload the outfit to DIFMB.  Take the extra three minutes to enter in all of the details about the outfit- most importantly, the size, the color, and where you found it.  I will GRATEFULLY spend the $0.99 for the chance of finding something that actually looks good on me!  DIFMB will pay you $0.50 as a finder’s fee and a thank you for your leg work.

Yes, I can absolutely follow a fashion blogger and admire her clothes from afar. I can even click to shop her looks, if I want. What makes DIFMB different is that when I enter my measurements, the app creates a profile that lets me see how my body looks in comparison to yours. If our bodies are similar in shape, chances are your clothes will fit me the like they fit you!  Just think of how many women- fashionably challenged women -who will be helped by you!

I, personally, am tall and curvy, with an apple shape that is (seemingly) impossible to shop for.  My sister is thin and tall, and most long pants hit her just above the ankles.  I have petite friends, athletic friends, skinny friends, voluptuous friends, and curvy friends who are all looking for something that looks good on them.  Won’t you take a moment to help your sisters out?


A woman in need of cute clothes

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