Does It Fit My Butt

Thank You for Joining Our Closed Beta!

Thank you for participating in our closed beta! Our closed Beta is a way to try the DIFMB app before we are in the App Store. Here is what’s going to happen next:

When we receive your email address, we will manually add you to the Apple TestFlight program. This is not automated, so it make take us a few minutes.

If you don’t receive this email within an hour, check your spam folder from an email with the Subject “TestFlight: DIFMB, LLC invited you to test Does It Fit My Butt.

2016-06-08 17.36.57

Tap the “Start Testing” button in the email. This will take you to the App Store to download and install the “TestFlight” App. After it installs, it may ask you for a “code from the developer.” You do not need a code, you only need to go back to the email and tap the “Start Testing” button. 

This will then prompt you to install our app:

2016-06-08 17.31.10

Once installed, it will work like any regular app. Updates to the DIFMB app will be delivered through the TestFlight app:

2016-06-08 17.30.59

Thank you again for joining our closed beta.

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