Does It Fit My Butt


Outfit Scavenger Hunt: Casual Chic Commuter Comfort

Compete to win $100 by being the first to find all 10 outfits.

Be Your Own Boss by Finding Clothes on DIFMB

DIFMB is a new gig marketplace that is an alternative to Uber/Lyft, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, and Fiverr.

My First DIFMB Meetup

When I first learned of the Does It Fit My Butt app, I was fairly certain it was not for me. What I found is that DIFMB is actually the antidote for people like me.

How to Make Money by Trying on Clothes in Your Free Time

Any woman can join DIFMB to post outfits to sell where to find garments. This is a great way to earn money on the side.

An open letter to women who ALWAYS look good in their clothes

Dear Jane,

You are the woman I admire; the woman I would trade places with in a heartbeat. You are the woman who knows how to shop for your body and you ALWAYS look good in your clothes. No matter what phase of your life you are in- the college party years, the pregnant mommy years, the business executive years- you always know what silhouettes flatter your body and you ROCK THEM WELL.

Our 7 Principles for Finding Clothes That Fit

Solving the multitude of problems women face with finding clothes that fit is no easy task. When we began designing DIFMB, we started with 7 foundational principles to shape our app:

Pro Tips for Winning DIFMB Scavenger Hunts

DIFMB Scavenger Hunts are a real-world competitive shopping game where you try to assemble scoring outfits faster than other players. Publishing Outfits to the DIFMB app is how you score points once the Scavenger Hunt starts. This is a high-skill game, and is no joking matter. If you want to win a DIFMB Scavenger Hunt, you’re going to need to put on your game face and dig deep. The following are tips that will help you win should you choose to compete.

No, you don’t have to enter your measurements…but it helps

Our answer to the most frequent question asked of the DIFMB app.

Fine! I’ll Just Go Naked

It’s that time of year again. The holidays always bring that inevitable last minute event you are expected to attend. There is no way around it. You. Must. Go. The problem? You have no idea what to wear! And so, you brace yourself for what happens next.

Why We Blur the Faces in Outfit Photos

When women upload photos of themselves to DIFMB, their faces are automatically blurred. We’d like to explain why we do this.

Why Are Women Terrified of Mall Changing Rooms?

It’s a crisis in our house when my wife has to find “something to wear” to an event. This event is usually days away, so shopping online is not an option: this is going to require a trip to the mall.

5 Reasons Your Wife/Girlfriend Should Use DIFMB

DIFMB is an iPhone app that allows women to find clothes that fit. It is also an app that allows men to keep their sanity.

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