Does It Fit My Butt

Fashion Bloggers: A New Way to Make Money

Dear Fashion Bloggers,

We would like to extend a special invitation for you to join the Does It Fit My Butt (DIFMB) community. While any woman can join DIFMB to post outfits and buy and sell where to find garments, fashion bloggers will see the most immediate financial rewards as you already have built-in audiences.

To begin monetizing your audience with DIFMB:

  1. Download the app (it’s free!)
  2. Register for an account (it’s free!)
  3. As you post outfits on your blog, also publish them on DIFMB (it just takes a few minutes!)
  4. Let your audience know that details about where to find the garments are for sale in the DIFMB app (profit!)

In terms of how much money you can make:

Let’s say you post an outfit on DIFMB with several garments. If your readers want to know where you found a garment, they pay DIFMB $0.99, and we give you $0.50 for every individual garment detail sold. DIFMB is integrated with Apple iTunes Payments, so for users it’s just a just a tap of a button to make the purchase (like buying a song on iTunes).

The more outfits you post, and the more of your audience use DIFMB, the more money you make:

You get the idea. As the DIFMB community grows, your sales on DIFMB should grow as well, as your Garment Details are for sale to anyone – not just your readers. The nice part about already having an audience is you can start making money now, rather than wait to build up a following.

The core value of DIFMB to women is finding clothes that fit. The way we allow for this is by showing visual body measurement comparisons. This allows a shoppes to know at a glance how similar or different their measurements are from those of the woman wearing the clothes. To allow for this, all you have to do is enter the same 15 body measurements used by tailors (which we keep completely private). This can be done in about five minutes with nothing more than a measuring tape. If you don’t have a measuring tape, we’ll be happy to send you an official DIFMB measuring tape, but any tailor measuring tape will do.

What do we do with our $0.49? We keep the app operating. The #1 cost we deal with is serving outfit images, and bandwidth costs money: the more images, the more money. A user might go through hundreds of images before they find an outfit they like, and even then, there’s no guarantee they will buy it. Whether they buy it or not, we still need to serve those images. The app allows shoppers to rapidly swipe through lots of high-quality images, and each swipe is a fraction of a penny. Those pennies add up. You don’t have to worry about any of that, however – if they buy something you make money, if they don’t, it costs you nothing but the few minutes of time it takes to publish an outfit on DIFMB.

How do you get paid? You enter your PayPal email address, and tap a button in the app once you have $1 or more to withdrawl. We initiate the transfer to your PayPal account immediately.

Oh, and if you don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (which you need to run our app), you can pick up an iPod Touch for $199 from Apple. You may not have an Apple device, but we bet a lot of women in your audience do.

Please check out our homepage and our frequently asked questions to learn more about how DIFMB works. If you have additional questions, you can contact us at – we’d be happy to hear from you!

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