Does It Fit My Butt

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the app do?

The “Does It Fit My Butt” app allows women to do the following:

Do I have to pay a subscription fee?

No. The app is free, and there is no subscription fee. The app makes it money when a woman buys another woman’s garment details for $0.99. We split this 50/50 with the woman who sold the garment details. Our half covers the cost of operating the app.

Are the women paid models?

No. They are normal, everyday women who are participating in the DIFMB community both as sellers and buyers of garment details. Anyone can be both a buyer and a seller at the same time.

Do I have to share details about myself with other women?

Absolutely not. We do a lot to protect your privacy and keep the community safe:

Why would I buy garment details?

Remember that you do not have to buy garment details to use the app. You would only buy the details of a garment because you like what you saw in the outfit photo. The garment details then provide the information you need to track down the garment, provided it is still available.

Who gets the money if I buy a garment’s details?

When you buy the garment details, your $0.99 is split between the woman selling the garment details, and DIFMB. Our half covers the cost of operating the app.

Why do you need my measurements?

We don’t actually need them, but you’ll find the app far more useful if you enter them. By entering your measurements, you now can compare your measurements to the woman in the outfit photo, which gives you an idea of how the garments in the outfit would fit you.

Do I have to enter all my measurements?

No – you don’t have to enter any measurements just to browse the app and look at outfit photos. The body profile comparisons will simply be grey for any measurements you have not entered. If you choose to enter your measurements, each one you enter will “light up” the corresponding measurement in all body profile comparisons. The exception to this is if you want to publish an outfit, then you will be required to enter all of your measurements. This is so that anyone interested in your outfits can compare themselves with you.

Who will see my measurements?

No one. We take your measurements and then use them to calculate the percentage difference between your measurement, and the measurement of the person you are looking at. We give the ranges percentage differences a color designation, and an indicator if the measurement is more or less than yours. That’s it – no one sees your actual measurements.

Am I looking at how she compares with me, or how I compare with her?

This is confusing until you get used to it. The colors are relatively easy to understand, as they indicate the degree of difference:

The confusing part is the “+” and “-“:

Why can’t you scan the tag so that I don’t have to enter the garment details by hand?

“Scan the Tag” can mean two things, and but both have issues:

Why isn’t “Size” a drop-down field when entering garment details?

Women’s sizes are not standardized – this is one of the reasons we created DIFMB. One of the side-effects of this is that we can’t predict how a brand choses to represent their size such that we can make a list of them. Every brand does thing their own way, we we just let you enter whatever you see listed as their “size”.

Why can’t I add more information about the outfit, like what occasion or season it’s good for?

There are a couple of reasons we don’t allow for more meta-data like “occasion” or “season”:

Why can’t you include shoes, handbags, or other accessories in your outfit?

Our goal is to address a specific problem: Finding clothes that fit. Shoes already have a standard sizing system that works pretty well, and other accessories (scarfs, jewelry, handbags, hats, etc.) either don’t have a sizing problem, or don’t have sizes at all. At least initially, we want to be focused on solving our original problem.

Why can’t I buy the garment directly from the app?

Buying the garment directly from the app offers a couple challenges:

What if no one has the same measurements as me?

Frankly, it will be rare for someone to have all 15 body measurements exactly the same as yours. Perhaps if the DIFMB community grows VERY large this may happen more frequently, but statistically, it’s not going to happen often. What will happen more often is that some of the measurements match yours, with other matching closely. This allows you to make a judgement call on what size garment you should order. For example, if you see pants you like, and the hips, waist, and rise are all green (a very close or perfect match), but the inseam is slightly longer than yours (a yellow bar with a plus) then you know the order the pants with a slightly shorter inseam than she has listed in her garment details.

Are you partnered with any retailers or brands?

No, we are not. In the war among retailers to win your business, we would like to be neutral, and stay focused on our goal of helping women find clothes that fit – regardless of who is selling those clothes or how much they cost. One day we may partner with retailers, but we would do so only to improve the data entry and purchasing processes (NOTE: If you are a retailer, email us at and let’s get talking!)

Why don’t you have an Android version?

Building multiple apps for multiple platforms costs money! We don’t want to invest in an Android or Microsoft version of our app until we know there is a demand.

Who built this app?

A husband and wife team. The story is very cute and will make you say “Awwwww….” We may make a blog post about it in the future.

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