Does It Fit My Butt

How to Make Money by Trying on Clothes in Your Free Time

“Does It Fit My Butt” (DIFMB) is a new app that connects virtual personal shoppers with women looking for clothes that fit. Being a virtual personal shopper is a completely new way to make money. We are just starting out, so this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Most women have trouble finding good looking clothes that fit their bodies. By shopping, you are saving them the time, stress, and hassle of going to the mall to trying on clothes.

Women who want to become virtual personal shoppers:

Virtual personal shoppers come in all shapes and sizes: skinny, short, tall, plus – your size does not matter. You will be finding clothes for everyday women, and everyday women look just like you. You do not need to be a fashion model – you only need to know what looks good on you.

To become a virtual personal shopper:

  1. Download the DIFMB iPhone app (which is free)
  2. Register for an account (which is also free)
  3. Enter your body measurements

Before you can publish outfits, you will need to enter your measurements. Women will enter their measurements to see how your measurements compare. This lets them know if what you are wearing would fit them.

You are the only person who will ever see your measurements. We keep your measurements private and never share them with anyone. To enter your measurements all you need is a measuring tape and about 5 minutes. If you do not have a measuring tape, we will send you one for free.

After entering your measurements, you are ready to start publishing outfits.

Every outfit has two parts:

  1. At least one full-body mirror selfie of you wearing the outfit.
  2. At least one garment, which is the information listed on the garment’s tag.

The easiest way to build your collection of outfits is to go to the mall and try on clothes. You can create and publish outfits right from the fitting room.

Women want garments they can use in multiple outfits. The more you show how versatile a garment is the better. For example, if you find a good-looking pair of jeans, you can pair them with different tops to create different outfits. A woman buys a single garment’s details only once. If multiple outfits use that garment, she still only buys it once.

You can create as many outfits as you want: just make sure the photo looks good, and the garment’s details are correct. If they are not, an administrator will unpublish your outfit. If they must keep unpublishing your outfits, they may choose to ban you from publishing outfits. Focus on good quality photos and correct garment details and you will be fine.

Women will buy where to find the garments in your outfit for three reasons:

If a woman knows your clothes will fit her (because you have the same measurements), likes your style, and the garment she wants is within her budget, she will want to know where to find the garment. To know where to find it she pays $0.99 which earns you $0.50. This adds up over time:

How much money you make will depend on:

After you publish your outfits, these garment detail sales happen automatically without you having to do anything. You get a notification on your phone whenever you make a sale. You withdraw your commissions to your PayPal account when you want to get paid. You need a balance of at least $1 to withdraw to PayPal.

To learn more about DIFMB:

If you have more questions on how to become a virtual personal shopper, email us at

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