Does It Fit My Butt

My First DIFMB Meetup

When I first learned of the Does It Fit My Butt app, I was fairly certain it was not for me. I go to lengths to avoid shopping and outsource it to my mother or husband—both shoppers—whenever possible. What I found is that DIFMB is actually the antidote for people like me.

Here’s why: You don’t have to wander through racks, feeling overwhelmed. You can look at clothing on real women who have similar measurements and see what might look good on you. You don’t have to determine what “goes together” because someone else has already done the hard part of assembling the outfit. Most importantly, you don’t have to haul yourself to the mall or strip down in the unforgiving fluorescent-lit dressing room. If I like it, I buy the details, and I can sidestep all of the unpleasantness.

Like many school teachers, especially ones of the elementary and early childhood variety, I prize comfort and function over style when it comes to clothing. I do like to look reasonably put together and tasteful, but I strongly dislike shopping. I am extremely lucky that my mother and husband (a rarity, I know) have an uncanny ability to find clothes that flatter me and actually enjoy the process. I do not understand this, but I am most grateful. Unfortunately, I cannot always wait for a special delivery from one of them when an event is approaching or when I need to replace one of my beloved 20-year-old threadbare shirts.

I certainly never saw myself as the other kind of user of this app—the kind that posts outfits. And yet, I have dabbled. To support friends from school who are app users, I attended my first DIFMB gathering that included a shopping outing. I grudgingly drove to the mall, feeling anxious as I approached and relieved that we were starting off with lunch.

After a leisurely meal, we made our way to the department store. What I discovered surprised me. Shopping is much more enjoyable when it is not a mission or a crisis, but a social event. I tried on items that I would probably not have considered if someone else didn’t suggest them. Even the things that looked ridiculous gave us all a laugh.

On the rare occasion I shop, I question everything. Is it too trendy? Too bold? Too tight? Too different from what I usually wear? Does it make me look pale? Is it puckering in the wrong places? There are too many variables and risks—and that’s even if it fits!

Several items made the dressing room cut. Half of those were quickly discarded! A few remained as possible app-worthy material. When I took my first selfie to post, I was not quite sure how to angle my phone to capture my reflection in the mirror, so I took a few awkward shots until I got the hang of it. If you have friends who are already users, it can be helpful to have them along for your first experience publishing an outfit or to take your picture. If you are a solo first timer and have questions, tap “?” in the upper right-hand corner, and it will walk you through each step. Either way, once you enter your first garment and publish the outfit, you just repeat the process.

The app is simple, well-designed and intuitive to navigate. The trickiest part for me was determining if I should add an item as a garment or an outfit. As I learned, if you are going to use the same garment in multiple outfits, it makes sense to add it as a garment first, although you can do it either way. Now I’m just waiting for the thrill of someone purchasing my details!

I would definitely attend another DIFMB gathering with friends. In the meantime, you can find me scrolling through outfits that other people post from the comfort of my couch. I will joyfully shell out $1 to get the details of anything I think would look good me if it fits my proxy to avoid the pain of going shopping myself!

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