Does It Fit My Butt

No, you don’t have to enter your measurements…but it helps

We get asked this question almost every single time we discuss the app:

“Do I have to enter my measurements?”

The conversation typically goes really well as we explain, “We are building an app that helps women find clothes that fit. We all know women’s sizing is broken, and we can’t trust the number on the tag.  This app will help make that part of shopping easier.”

All is well until we pull out the measuring tape.  “Wait, what? I HAVE TO ENTER MY MEASUREMENTS?”

Look – we get it. The very thought of entering your body measurements into some random app potentially for the world to see freaks you out. That’s only because you are perfectly normal.  So, we want to explain the role of measurements in DIFMB: how the app uses them, why you don’t have to enter them, and why we absolutely will never let anyone else see them.

At first glance, DIFMB is not really that different from Instagram + Fiverr. You look at photos of outfits posted by other women (Instagram) and if you like a garment, you can pay the person for the work they did in finding the clothes, putting the outfit together, and posting the details of how to find the garments (Fiver).  (We take a small bit to keep the app up and running).  That’s all perfectly fine, but doesn’t address the fact that women’s clothing sizes are not useful at all! We have talked to countless women who have spent a good deal of mental trauma and wasted time while trying on a bunch of clothes (in a wide range of sizes) in the hopes that they will find something that actually fits – bonus if it looks good on them.

What makes DIFMB special is one thing and only one thing: Our visual Body Profile Comparisons. This comparison allows you to not just see what the woman in the photo is wearing, but also know how that specific garment will fit you. A few examples:

That’s it – that’s what makes DIFMB special, and we think that’s the main reason you should use our app. Instead of just looking at photos online of models wearing garments (with no idea of if what the model is wearing would fit you in the same way), use our tool to help you get a better sense of how the outfit will fit your body.

And this is where the measurements come in: To make this visual comparison, both you and the women in the photo have to enter the same measurement you want to compare. For example, only once you and the woman posting the photos have to have entered your heights will you be able to see if something will be long enough to fit you.  Since the women posting outfit photos are required to enter all of her measurements in order to publish her outfit, her half of the comparison is ready to go.  You have the ability to enter the 15 measurements tailors and seamstresses use to make clothes that fit your body.  You have the choice to only have to enter the measurements you care about.

So that is why you enter your measurements in the app – to not just look at photos, but to know within a 1/2 inch of accuracy how the measurements of the women in the photo compare to yours.

If you choose not to enter any of your measurements the app still works fine – but you’re basically just looking at photos of real women wearing things they found that look good on them.  You will miss out on knowing if these outfits will look good on you too!

No one will know your numbers, and you will not know theirs. ALL MEASUREMENTS ENTERED ARE KEPT SECRET. You will only see how other members’ measurements compare to yours using color indications (Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red) and a “+” or “-” to indicate if a measurement is bigger or smaller than yours.

We will never share your measurements. Ever. We have no reason to! The app works perfectly fine, and we make enough to keep the lights on, without having to violate your privacy.  Sharing your measurements with even one person is a violation of your privacy, and we just simply will not do that. Even we, as the operators of the app, have structured the data such that we can’t tie measurements to a person.

Finally, remember that we’re a husband-and-wife team, and the wife (who has entered all 15 of her measurements) is not about to let her measurements (or anyone else’s for that matter) leak to the world.

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