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Pro Tips for Winning DIFMB Scavenger Hunts

DIFMB Scavenger Hunts are a real-world competitive shopping game where you try to assemble scoring outfits faster than other players. Publishing Outfits to the DIFMB app is how you score points once the Scavenger Hunt starts. This is a high-skill game, and is no joking matter. If you want to win a DIFMB Scavenger Hunt, you’re going to need to put on your game face and dig deep. The following are tips that will help you win should you choose to compete:

Fully Understand DIFMB Scavenger Hunts

In the DIFMB app, go to your profile tab, and tap on the 4th icon to the right of your avatar (the one with the little woman running with a blouse). This will take you to the Scavenger Hunts screen. In the upper-right corner you will see a question-mark that takes you to help. Read everything to make sure you know how Scavenger Hunts work, or you will be lost once the competition begins.

Study the Scavenger Hunt parameters

For whatever Scavenger Hunt you join, look at the Scavenger Hunt overview and see what types of Garments, Colors, Fabrics, and Patterns will be generated when the Scavenger Hunt starts. You won’t know exactly which outfits you will have to find until the Scavenger Hunt starts, but you will have a good idea. For example, if the only Garment Type is “Suit”, then you know only Suits will be generated, and you better get close to a store that sells suits in your size. The in-app help explains the Scavenger Hunt Outfits-to-Find generator in more detail.

Clear your schedule

DIFMB Scavenger Hunts will require your full concentration if you want to win. You will want to make sure you have nothing else going on during the Scavenger Hunt to distract you. If you have young children you will need to look after as you look for scoring outfits, you will be at a disadvantage.

Pick your starting location wisely

The best place to be standing when the Scavenger Hunt starts is in a mall with lots of clothing stores that carry clothes that fit you. You don’t want to be at home when the hunt starts, and then drive to the mall, walk to the stores, try to find garments to make a scoring outfits, and then fight for a fitting room. By the time you have done all of that, other participants will have left you in the dust.

Pick stores that don’t have busy fitting rooms

Scavenger Hunts are won-and-lost in fitting rooms. If you have to wait to try on clothes you will be at a major disadvantage. This is a major piece of strategy: big stores might have more inventory, but it may be harder to find a fitting room. Little stores have less inventory, but it might be easier to get a fitting room.

Make sure you have a good internet connection in the fitting room

You will be publishing outfits to DIFMB right from the fitting room. If your internet connection is bad, you will have to save your outfits, and then leave the changing room to find a good signal to publish them. If you want to win, you want to have an armful of clothes that you know will score, in a fitting room with a strong signal.

Browse all the clothing isles so you know where to find garments

You want to know where to go in the various stores you have scoped out to find whatever garments you need. You do not want to be familiarizing yourself with a store layout after the Scavenger Hunt starts: You need to have that already committed to memory.

Practice uploading outfits – quickly.

Uploading Outfits on DIFMB only takes a few minutes, but you don’t want your first experience to be during a Scavenger Hunt. The first thing you have to make sure of is that you have all of your measurements entered into the app. There are 15 measurements, and you will need a measuring tape. Every outfit you publish during a Scavenger Hunt has its Garment Details ready for sale (other women buy your garment details for $0.99, and you earn $0.50 every time that happens), and DIFMB uses your measurements to help other women understand how your clothes would fit them. You want to get this out of the way before the Scavenger Hunt starts. Once they are entered, go to a Store and practice publishing an Outfit using the DIFMB app right from the fitting room. The faster you can do this, the better your chances of beating other players. If you don’t enter the details correctly you won’t score, so you have to be fast and accurate.  Practice makes perfect, and makes sure you won’t crack under the pressure.

Don’t try to cheat

DIFMB has designated Admins that watch every single outfit that is published to look for bogus photos and garment details. If they suspect fraud, your outfit will be unpublished. This will cause you to lose points, and all other players will notified that this happened. If you try to cheat again, the Admin may choose to suspend your right to publish outfits permanently, stopping you from scoring any more points, or participating in any future Scavenger Hunts. Admins can see all of your garment details without having to purchase them, and every admin is alerted anytime any outfit is published. Bottom line, play fair, or the admin’s will shut you down.

Read the tags on the clothing carefully to make sure they will score

While you are running around the store, you will be looking at the Scavenger Hunts “Outfits-to-Find” list, and trying to find garment whose details match that of the listed outfits. These tags are your friend, and are the best way to keep track of what you will need to enter to score. Once you are in the fitting room, you should know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these garments will score if their details are entered accurately. You should then only need to patiently enter their details and use them to assemble and publish scoring outfits.

If you are waiting for a fitting room, enter the garment details.

The DIFMB app allows you to enter garment details outside of creating an outfit. If you are waiting for a changing room, you can start entering your garment details so that they are ready to go once you have a fitting room and can take photos of yourself. This will make the process of entering garment details go by very fast.

Do not get frustrated if you don’t score

To score, you must:

You’re going to eventually be rushing and make a mistake. If you get a notification that your outfit did not score DO NOT PANIC. Unpublish the outfit and carefully review what you entered to make sure it matches the tags on the garments, and double-check the garments match the outfit you wanted to publish. This is just a matter of retracing your steps, and trying again. Once you found your mistake, publish the outfit again and see if you scored. You can do this as many times as you want, but remember all players are notified every time you do this. This is often a way people try to cheat, so admins will be paying close attention to your outfits to make sure you are making genuine mistakes, and not trying to cheat the system.

Do not try to find impossible-to-find outfits

Often the outfit with the highest points will be very difficult to find. If that is the case, leave it for last – do not make the rookie mistake of trying to find that outfit first. Usually, finding the 2nd and 3rd highest-point outfit will earn you more points than the 1st , so your time can be better spend finding those. This is a major piece of strategy, because if all the outfits are not found when the time expires, it’s who earned the most points the fastest who wins. If another player was wasting their time trying to find the outfit with the highest points, and you were business earning points with easier to find outfits, then you will beat them once when the time expires.

Play mind-games with other participants

As we said in the beginning, this is a skill-based game. As with any serious game, mind-games come into play. One of the strategies you can use is to save outfits, and only publish them at the last minute to lure other players into complacency. This is a very advanced tactic, as you run the risk of not knowing if your outfits will score until you publish them, at which point you may not have the garment tags on hand to correct your mistake. However, if done correctly, other players who think they have won by finding a few outfits will not feel the urgency to keep shopping until they find all the garments. If in the last few minutes of the hunt you publish all of yours, it’s too late for them to spring into action. Only use this strategy once you get very good at playing DIFMB Scavenger Hunts.

Create Private Scavenger Hunts and practice with your friends

If there is a big Scavenger Hunt coming up with a cash prize, grab a few friends and create a private Scavenger Hunt so you can practice. The outfits you upload will be real outfits subject to DIFMB administration, but only you and your friends will be participating in your private Scavenger Hunt. You can make the Scavenger Hunt anyway you want to get ready for any eventuality.

Bring a shopping partner

Working as a team is perfectly legal – you just have to sort out splitting the prize with them. There are lots of ways to make shopping more efficient with a partner, but we’ll let you come up with your own winning strategies. Remember, the more people who help you, the more you’ll have to split the prize with, so you’ll have to decide if playing by yourself of with teammates is the way to go.

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