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Scavenger Hunt Frequently Asked Questions

For general questions about the DIFMB app, check out our general FAQ.

What are DIFMB Scavenger Hunts?

Scavenger Hunts are a real-world shopping game played for fun or prizes. The game is organized and scored in the DIFMB app, but played in clothing stores. The goal is to assemble the outfits specified in the Scavenger Hunt, which are generated the moment the Scavenger Hunt starts. The first person to find all the outfits wins. If the time expires before anyone finds all the outfits, then the person who scored the most points the fastest wins.

Do I need to go to a clothing store to play?

Yes, unless you have a very big closet full of clothes at home. You’re going to need access to as many garments as possible in order to assemble outfits, and stores will have way more clothes then you do at home.

When do I get to know the outfits I need to assemble?

To eliminate cheating, no one (not even the creator of the Scavenger Hunt) knows what outfits will need to be found for the Scavenger Hunt. Outfits are generated randomly from a set of parameters selected by the person who created the Scavenger Hunt when the Scavenger Hunt starts. These parameters are:

How many outfits do I need to find?

The Scavenger Hunt creator will specify the number of outfits, and the outfit generator will generate outfits with a range of difficultly. The more difficult the outfit is the find, the more points it will have. The ultimate way to win is to assemble all the outfits before anyone else, but you can still win by having scored more points than anyone else when the time expires.

Do I need to buy the clothes?

No, you only need to try them on in the fitting room and publish them as a DIFMB Outfit. If you have joined a Scavenger Hunt, your outfit will be scored. If you have not joined a Scavenger Hunt you outfit is still published, and your garment details are still available for sale on DIFMB.

Is the store going to be OK with people playing this game in their fitting rooms?

We hope they are! Scavenger Hunt benefits them as well, as even if you don’t buy the clothes, you are still giving them free advertising on the DIFMB app. All you are doing is taking outfit photos of yourself in the changing room, recording the information on the garments, and publishing the outfit on DIFMB. The only way store owners might get upset is if you start interfering with their business, which would only happen if you start to prevent other shoppers from shopping. We ask that you be courteous to staff and customers, and try not to break out into a full-sprint down an isle to get to the changing rooms – a light jog will raise fewer eyebrows.

Is there any difference between an Outfit published during a Scavenger Hunt and one published outside of a Scavenger Hunt?

None whatsoever. The only difference is that if you have joined a Scavenger Hunt currently in progress, your outfit will be scored.

What do I need to participate in a DIFMB Scavenger Hunt?

To participate in a DIFMB Scavenger Hunt you need:

Why do I need to enter all of my measurements?

DIFMB is an app for helping women find clothes that fit. When you are publishing an outfit in a Scavenger Hunt, it’s just like any other DIFMB outfit. Everyone who publishes outfits on DIFMB has to enter their measurements so that other women can see how their body measurement’s compare to yours. The benefit of publishing outfits to DIFMB is that even after the Scavenger Hunt is finished, you can make money as people buy your garment details. To learn more about how DIFMB works you can take a look at our homepage and read out general FAQ.

So wait…while I play the Scavenger Hunt, I’m setting myself up to make money?

Yes you are. All Outfits Published on DIFMB have garments associated with them whose details you entered. These Garment Details are for sale. If someone likes your outfit, and wants to find out where to find a particular garment in the outfit, they pay $0.99 for that information. Whenever that happens, you make $0.50. Once you earn $1 or more, you can withdraw that money to your PayPal account.

So I play a game and also make money on the side when the game is over?

Yes. Seriously. We think it’s awesome too.

Is there a catch?

Nope. You do have to enter your measurements before you can publish outfits, but that’s only to help other shoppers figure out how your outfits would fit them. We keep your measurements completely private, and they are only used to generate our visual body measurement comparisons. We also can’t predict if anyone will want to buy your garment details, but the more users DIFMB has, the better you sense of style, and the more people who have measurements similar to yours, the better you will do.

Can I upload outfits outside of a Scavenger Hunt to improve my chances of making money?

Yes, absolutely. You can upload Outfits at any time, and the more people using DIFMB, the better your chances of selling garment details.

Why would I participate in a Scavenger Hunt if I could just upload outfits anytime I want?

Simple: Because the Scavenger Hunt might have a prize associated with it. It all depends on who created the Scavenger Hunt, and what they are offering as a prize. Some Scavenger Hunts might have no prize, others might have Cash Prizes, others might have a gift card, etc. It’s up to the creator of the Scavenger Hunt to decide what the prize is.

Why do people offer prizes?

Retailers are the main source of prizes. They want you to come into their stores and try on clothes, and when you sell a Garment Detail, they get free Advertising. We (DIFMB) will also run Scavenger Hunts with cash prizes occasionally to get more outfits into the DIFMB app, and build our community.

How do I find Scavenger Hunts that I can join?

There are a few ways to find Scavenger Hunts:

How do I claim my prize if I win?

If you win, you and the creator will be shown a Winner Claim Code on the Scavenger Hunt once the Scavenger Hunt is over. Only you, and the person who created the Scavenger Hunt know that code. In the prize description, the creator should have given information on how to contact them to claim your prize. If it’s an email address, email your code and follow their instructions for claiming your prize.

Can I create my own Scavenger Hunt?

Yes, anyone can create a Scavenger Hunt. Go to Scavenger Hunts -> Created and add a new one. There are instructions in the app on how to do this. If you decided you want offer a cash prize, make sure that you follow all local, state, and federal laws when it comes to creating contests. If you are a retailer and want to setup a Scavenger Hunt to promote your store, contact us at and we will help you get set up.

Got any tips for how to win a scavenger hunt?

Absolutely! Take a look at our Pro Tips for Winning DIFMB Scavenger Hunts.

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