Does It Fit My Butt

Why We Blur the Faces in Outfit Photos

When women upload photos of themselves to DIFMB, their faces are automatically blurred. We’d like to explain why we do this.

#1 – Privacy

DIFMB allows women of every shape and size to post photos of themselves wearing outfits they have found that fit their bodies. While there are women who would love to show the world their bodies, there are a lot who would prefer not to have a photo of themselves go viral. The fact is, there’s no way for us to prevent someone taking a screenshot of a photo in our app and sharing it with the world, so we adopted a policy of blurring everyone’s face. That way, should a photo you upload go viral, you’ll be the only person who knows it’s you.

#2 – It eliminates the need to crop your head out of the photo

We have image cropping tools built into the app, but it’s one extra step you would have to take for every photo you add.  Also, it’s easy to forget to crop your photo before you upload it, so the automatic face blurring acts as a backup method of protecting your identity.

#3 – You won’t have to worry about where your eyes are looking

To get a good photo of the outfit you are wearing requires looking at your phone as you position your body and camera in front of the mirror. Most people forget to shift their eyes to the mirror just before they take the photo, so they look like they are showing something to an imaginary friend standing behind them. Even if you do shift your eyes to the mirror at the last second, it can look like you’re proudly showing off the back of your phone rather than taking a photo of yourself.

#4 – No need to “Say Cheese”

There are people who love to smile for photos, but a lot of us look like we’re trying to pick something out of our teeth when we smile. While the natural smilers out there won’t get to show off their pearly whites, the rest of us can happily leave the spinach right where it is.

#5 – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Hair and Makeup

Shopping is enough of a hassle without having to do hair and makeup whenever you want upload outfit photos. With your face blurred, you can put on lipstick like The Joker and no one would know.

#6 – It’s all about the clothes

Our app is not a beauty contest; it’s a way to figure out if the photo you are looking at features clothes that fit your body (when combined with our body profile comparisons). While your eyebrows may be on fleek, it’s really the clothes people are interested in. See our companion app “Are My Eyebrows on Fleek?” for eyebrow photos.


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